Civil Litigation Consultation


Litigation  is trial practice. While every lawyer is trained in  litigation practice, not  every lawyer is comfortable in actually  practicing in the courtroom. My office  is experienced in litigation in  Municipal Courts, Common Pleas Courts, Courts  of Appeals and  Administrative Courts.

For the average client there are generally   two types of cases, criminal and civil. Criminal cases are those  prosecuted by  the state for violations of the statutes. All other  matters are civil. My  practice has generally been a civil practice and  includes a wide variety of matters  for both individuals and business  clients.  After many years as a civil practitioner I now primarily consult on such litigation matters. 

Because civil and administrative matters   are usually complex, the best manner in selecting the right legal  counsel is to  have a consultation with a lawyer to identify the issues  and then determine the  proper court and strategy for a successful  outcome, as well as the correct trial professional.   My office is available for  such consultations.