Legal ethics are the rules by which lawyers lay the foundation for their profession. Every profession has its unique precepts that govern what is professionally acceptable and what is not. For lawyers it is a strict code that permits us to act as a unified body and distinguishes us from the general population. Some conduct that may be acceptable to the public may not be acceptable in our profession and is regulated by our professional code. In Ohio, the Rules of Professional Conduct is what establishes our professional parameters. Ethics Is not the same as malpractice, although some malpractice constitutes a breach of our code of ethics. There are ethical violations that are not malpractice. In Ohio, our ethics are strictly regulated by the Supreme Court and its Board of Commissioners on Grievance and Discipline. The investigative arm of the Supreme Court of Ohio is the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and concurrent jurisdiction with various certified grievance committees of the larger bar associations in Ohio.

Should a lawyer violate these rules of professional conduct it is the Disciplinary Counsel or a certified grievance committee that investigates and if necessary, prosecutes the case. Should a lawyer find himself in an ethical quandary he needs to consult with an attorney well-versed in these rules. My practice includes such expertise and offers confidential consultations on professional matters.



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