Family Law

The TV perception of a divorce lawyer is a person who will do anything to "get" the other side first. Thus we have the unsavory title of "Shark". That is not what divorce lawyers are about. The unfortunate fact that many marriages fail is a reality. What is also a reality is that children are the pawns in these divorces, even if the parties do not want that to be the case. The role of the lawyer, in my opinion, should be to assist these unfortunate people in resolving their marital issues without the necessity of a blood bath.

Today there are various methods employed by Family Practitioners to reach this goal. One is the traditional method of filing for divorce and let the attorneys work out a settlement through the time tested method of discovery and negotiation. I have been involved in such methods for over 30 years.

Another method that is relatively new is the Collaborative Method. This method requires specially-trained attorneys who understand the process and essentially the two attorneys work with the clients to arrive at an amicable resolution. This method works especially well in resolving issues before they impact significantly on the process and on the family. I am trained as such an attorney.

But family law is more. It is the ability to serve as a legal advisor or counselor to families in other aspects of their life, such as buying or selling a home, starting a business, or tax issues. A family lawyer is the general counsel that families can count on for just good, plain advice.



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